Portuguese Stories

Come with us in a discovery of the most authentic Portuguese cuisine.
Our menu is signed by Chef João Pereira and it serves up all the flavours of traditional portuguese cuisine with a contemporary touch, whilst highlighting nationally sourced ingredients.

A Contemporary Story

Inspired by his love to the theatre arts and as a reference to the Casa da Comédia, Jorge Vale created, 40 years ago, the Casa da Comida.
Winner of one of the firsts Michelin stars in Portugal, the restaurant kept the same concept over the years: sophisticated, with great refinement and personalised service.

The Estórias in Casa da Comida is an homage to the Casa da Comida heritage, in which the tradition of our cuisine is respected but where a contemporary approach to Portuguese flavours is sought. Being aware of new trends in gastronomy, we offer authentic experiences of flavours.

To exceed
is what drives us,
every day.

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